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Lift and slide door and Folding door

5 years' guarantee


The guarantee is granted for:

  • Condensation between layers in the glass unit.
  • Strength and functionality of the sliding door and folding door fittings.
  • Stability and durability of the timber.
  • Rain and wind isolation.

The guarantee covers:

  • Replacement-products delivered to the site if the sliding door and/or folding door can not be repaired/fixed.
  • Replacement/repairing of fittings, if they do not function properly.
  • Replacement of the glass unit in case of condensation between the glasses.
  • Replacement of damaged glass unit if the damage has been provoked by deficiency in stability between the wooden frames.
  • Delivery and direct replacement costs, limited to the value of the original delivered product.
  • If the repairment can be easily applied by the purchaser, only the cost of the spare units are covered.

If the deficiencies and defects of sliding door and/or folding door can be noticed at the point of delivery, you should warn Panorama Nordic before installing the door.

The guarantee is granted given the following conditions:

Transportation-related damages:

  • The customer is obliged to check if the sliding door and/or folding door has been exposed to transport-related damages.
  • Damages should be registered in the transportation documents, signed by both customer and transporter, when receiving the delivery.


  • The sliding doors and/or folding doors should be installed according to the instructions in the mounting instruction, based on NBI (Norwegian Institute for building-construction)-journals Nr. 523.701, 523.702, parts I, II.

Treatment of the surface:

  • A sliding door and/or folding door delivered without paint/treatment on the surface, has to be treated immediately after it is delivered. The surface should be treated both inside and outside.
  • The sliding door and/or folding door should be checked and maintained once a year. This applies also to a product that is painted by the manufacturer. The deficiencies and defects of the door should be removed by applying proper treatment products.
  • The Merbau threshold should be treated once a year.
  • The guaranty does not cover resin blow-up, and brown spots made from knots.


  • The damages that appear as a result of incorrect usage and treatment of the sliding door and/or folding door shall not be covered by the guaranty.
  • The fittings should be lubricated and cleaned at least once a year if necessary.

The guaranty does not cover:

  • The costs for crane, scaffolding and other equipment, when the sliding door or/and folding door cannot be delivered to the site using the usual approach ways in the building.
  • Construction-related work that should be performed on the related components of the building, painting, setting wallpapers, etc. that are related to the guaranty.
  • Damage that appears due to worn-out sealing caused by stain/paint, or solvent.
  • Special glass unit that was purchased from another producer.
  • Damages that appears due to extremely windy and rainy weather conditions.

General information:

All claims have to be made in written form. The claims need to include information named below: the Customer name, date of production, order number, invoice number, contact-person, and telephone number.

The guaranty starts after the invoice is issued by the producer. If the damage is not done due to the producer’s fault, all the costs have to be covered by the customer.

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