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Colour guide

Panorama Nordic offers a number of colours for our sliding doors and folding doors. You can choose any colour from NCS or RAL colour palettes. As a standard we use colours in glossy finish (Gloss80). Matt finish is also available.

We also give you the option to have different colours inside and outside.

The colours below are listed as a guide only. All computer displays may vary and we cannot guarantee you the exact colour match.

RAL system colours

RAL 9003 Signal white

RAL 9010  Pure white

RAL 1015 Light ivory

RAL 1011 Brown beige

RAL 1021 Rape yellow

RAL2008 Bright red orange

RAL 3003 Ruby red

RAL 3011 Brown red

RAL 3022 Salmon pink

RAL 5008 Grey blue

RAL 5015 Sky blue

RAL 5024 Pastel blue

RAL 6000 Patina green

RAL 6009 Fir green

RAL 6018 Yellow green

RAL 7001 Silver grey

RAL 7021 Black grey

RAL 7022 Umbra grey

RAL 8004 Copper brown

RAL 8017 Chocolate brown

RAL 8022 Black brown

RAL 9005 Jet black

RAL 9006 White aluminium

RAL 9007 Grey aluminium



NCS system colours

S 0502-Y

S 8010-B10G

S 7020-B

S 3560-Y90R

Some other colour systems are also available. Please contact our staff for more  information.


The wooden part of our door is painted in white (NCS S0502Y) as a standard. But for your convenience and design freedom you can choose any stain color from the water-based collection.

Stain colours

TM 1701

TM 1703


TM 1705 TM 1531 TM 1711












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