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Maintenance instructions

Maintenance of PANORAMA NORDIC lift-and slide door

All untreated surfaces have to be protected from external influences. Regular treatment with paint will give sufficient protection. It is extremely important to apply the first coat of paint right after the door is installed in the building. Sealings and movable fittings should not be covered with paint. The threshold is treated with oil for hardwood in the factory. The threshold should be treated at least once a year.


The inside:    Needs to be washed with water and a mild detergent.

The outside:    Spray on clean water, wash with neutral detergent and wash away with clean water.


Surfaces have to be renewed when the climate makes it necessary. Inspect at least once a year. Damages in paint have to be repaired by sanding gently, using fine sanding paper, followed by two coats of paint. On the outside, the paint has to be meant for outside use.

Remember:  sealing and movable fittings should not be covered with paint.

Continuous maintenance:

Alu.track on threshold needs to be kept clean. Check the sealing and fittings.

Periodic maintenance:

Movable parts (not wheels) have to be lubricated once a year, or when you find it necessary.

We would like to remind you that your lift-and sliding door from PANORAMA NORDIC is made of wood. Wood is a “living” material and it tends to shrink or bloat due to the climatic conditions, even though the product is flawless.


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